how to work out all twelve scales just knowing one…

Hello folks a fun little test for you all

This is called the cycle of fourths, and it is the most common thing that will happen to you as the music you are playing changes from one passage to another. It’s a bit tricky to understand at first but persevere as it really does take a lot of the unnecessary mystery and nonsense out of how music works.

Dan Maitland 2014

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most useful scales for guitar

most useful scales for guitar

major and pentatonic scales for guitar

These are for guitarists who are a bit past beginner, and are perhaps thinking about moving into a career as a rock god. They may look a little bit tricky but they aren’t. Just follow the numbers and bear in mind that the tab works upwards from fat to thin (slightly counterintuitive).. ie number 6 is the fattest string.

A good follow up to my chromatic finger work out warm up already demonstrated on this site.

Have fun