Live Lessons

I am a big believer in getting my pupils to video the salient parts of each lesson, so they can have a record of exactly what we are trying to do – therefore any videos posted here are not glossy; as they are recorded on our mobile phones, but they do give an idea of the feel and process of my teaching – hope you enjoy…

Heres some fresh off the print singing tips that seem to be working very well with my new students and choirs.

singing exercises Dan Maitland 2016

2 thoughts on “Live Lessons

  1. hey there. love your philosophy, love your style, got a 13 year old daughter who loves to sing in the shower and has had her confidence bashed out by the mean girls at school. doesn’t want to perform, isn’t a pushy talent school kid, just shy and a bit sad sometimes and I think your style of singing lessons might suit her and help with her confidence and her belief in herself. when and where do you teach and how much do you charge. Loving our support for XR too…..

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