Sing Eazy

CORONA UPDATE. We have found a way to all sing live and real time with each other using Jamulus software!!

We now have our own technician who will help new members set up their computer to join us (this usually requires an ethernet cable, a 20 pound pair of gaming headphones and a download of the free software). The induction process takes about an hour, but it is worth it to be able sing in real time in harmony with other people!!

I have been a choir leader for a number of  community choirs, including the National Theatre choir.

Sing Eazy is my own choir. We meet on wednesdays 12- 1pm, at my studio opposite Peckham Rye Park. We pride ourselves on being very bold in our choice of material; most of what we want to sing can’t be found in choral arrangement books, so they are mostly my own arrangements – but sometimes we like to dive into a song we fancy on the day and make up our parts there and then. We did this recently with So Long Marianne and the Times they are a changing. In the last few month we have sung: Lots of Neil Young, some classic Elton, Bruce Springsteen, Thomas Tallis,  Joan as Policewoman,  David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and  by Earth Wind and Fire, plus we gathered a mob of friends and performed the choral version of my christmas single.

The choir is non audition, and the emphasis is on having fun whilst developing a sense of how the language of music actually works, as related to singing. It’s also about finding a way into music as a ‘non musician’. I honestly don’t think anyone who has come along, hasn’t improved as a singer and a musician.

I was the choir leader for Goose Green Community choir for a number of years, but am all better now (only kidding).

Here also is a link to the Sing Eazy facebook page.

Anyone interested in coming along should contact me on

or call me on 07960288053