How to hold the saxophone and mouthpiece position for best sound


Notes on how to get a softer sound and avoid squeaking…


What we are aiming for is to get the mouthpiece coming into the mouth from a straight angle – not from below. This relieves the pressure on the reed. Do not tuck the bottom lip over the bottom teeth, let is sit upright beside the teeth like an extra wall..


Loosen the strap so the bottom of the sax is able to be pushed away from you – pivoting from your neck which should still be taking most of the weight…


Let your head fall so your chin is closer to your chest


Your top teeth should feel the pressure of the mouthpiece pushing against them: this can happen either by pivoting the sax up and away – or by dropping your chin to your chest.. most likely a combination of both


Opening the throat for lower notes: this can be done by blowing the mouthpiece only – making sure it comes into the mouth at a straight angle – not from below..  Find a lowish note and then try moving it lower as if you were singing – try to pitch and hear the notes in your head before you make the sound… Your throat should be what lowers the note (as in singing) not really your mouth.. Aim for a wider range each time you do this…


Once playing the sax, use this same feeling to open your throat and bend notes down…


Try for sound of a walrus  as the low note sinks lower…


blow at a constant easy pressure not full breath..


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